About Us

EPM boasts over thirty years experience in the construction industry, with a more recent opening to the interior architecture, design and planning worlds.

The company was founded in 1982 as a building materials dealer in Rome. Starting from the original name, Edil Piemme 2000, the company has shown a strong inclination to propose technically advanced building materials designed to offer innovative solutions. Rome then represents just the starting point for an entrepreneurial reality which soon imposes itself as a privileged reference for small, medium and large construction companies and architectural/engineering firms both locally and nationally.


To date, the wide range of handled items embraces different kinds of products such as ceramics, furnishing accessories, Thermohydraulics, bathroom furniture etc.

These are categories of a market that makes the quality of supply the necessary factor to operate effectively in a highly complex sector, which covers both small renovations and actual construction sites.

The establishment as a leading building materials provider in Rome and throughout the country is also due to the management and executive teams attention to the customer, which always results in meticulous care following each project in order to ensure maximum satisfaction of the client, regardless of the requested intervention typology. From the simplest to the most complex specifications, our attention and assistance is always the same.

EPM now has two outlets of building material in Rome:

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Moreover there is now an interior space in our showroom, recently designed and build, fully equipped for meetings and training workshops for professionals and curious of the matter:

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