Doors and windows

Doors and Windows

In addition to their purely functional aspect, doors and windows are key decorative elements while also ensuring an apartment/building proper thermal and acoustic insulation. Wanting to make significant improvements in energy efficiency and apartment appearance, one can not give up fixtures renewal. A field in which Rome is particularly lacking. That's also why consistent tax breaks to encourage the replacement of old windows with last generation ones have been prepared.

EPM promises to offer the best quality/price ratio, providing first quality products designed by Rome (and beyond) renowned fixtures manufacturers.

The EPM Group does not just sell doors and windows, being able to offer customers a wider range of services and to accompany them, if necessary, in the various stages of their request:

  • Products and planning advice through prior market research;

  • Advice on proper documentation production and presentation for tenders;

  • Concessional fundings;

  • Site survey with dedicated technical advice;

  • Identification of any specialized firms for subsequent laying, assembly and installation. This particular service has a decisive impact on an item performance so that all specifications laid down in the product design stage are guaranteed to work (think, for example, of a "badly posed" window that fails to provide thermal or acoustic insulation).


  • Doors and windows

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