EPM has always been attentive to new trends, techniques,technological improvements and the world's most innovative solutions that closely affect our industry.

For this reason we conscientiously and wisely chose to set up a space within our showroom to devote to training and retraining.

Discover the EPM space

Through specific agreements with various government entities and cultural institutions, this establishment regularly hosts training sessions and workshops for designers, architects and engineers.

Some events release credits (CFP) for various professional groups, an additional value to the already significant professional refresher offered on the most topical themes for the target market.

With us is therefore possible to explore a variety of topics such as:

  • All the news, both technical and normative, relating to heating and plumbing in Rome: thermohydraulics, underfloor heating, air conditioning, wood stoves, pellet stoves and more.
  • The new international trends in interior design and furniture accessories;
  • Everything one needs to know about the importance of green building. Rome and Italy can not remain insensitive to environmental sustainability new requirements: the concept of sustainable architecture, often translated into bioarchitecture or green building, is indeed based on the principle of safeguarding Earth's resources by limiting the impact of buildings on the environment through design and construction.

Thermohydraulics and Bioarchitecture are not the only topics to delve into at our showroom in Rome. Every event becomes an opportunity to present and analyze all news from the building design world: laminated parquet, PVC floors, stone claddings, laminate flooring, wallpapers, PVC window frames, as well as all matters relating to water treatment and recovery and those concerning the "roof system" latest technologies.