Institutions and companies at our side

Years of experience in the industry allowed us to establish fruitful partnerships with major regional and national realities.

ISIA Roma Design

ISIA Roma Design, a state school of design under the aegis of the Ministry of Public Education, was founded in 1973 by Giulio Carlo Argan. It sprang from the need to train highly professional designers who would uphold the fine European intellectual and teaching tradition, following in the footsteps of the Bauhaus and the Hochschule fur Gestaltung of Ulm. From these schools it inherited and developed a methodological framework of excellence which it combined with Italians' great talent for creativity and innovation. ISIA Roma Design is the only European university to have been awarded the ADI "Golden Compass" prize two times and eight times the ADI “Gold Plate”, as well as numerous other prestigious awards. ISIA Roma Design considers the act of designing as an essential moment in the dialectic exchange and interaction between the individual and society, in demand and sustainability, expression and reflection, considering Design as a configuration of excellence in every type of production of instruments and ideas.

DEI - Typography of Civil Engineering Office

Since 1869 information and training for construction industry

DEI develops, manufactures and markets technology books, periodicals, training programs, softwares, databases and business consulting, as well as providing services via the Internet and managing a highly specialized technical library amongst the most equipped of Italy.

Association "Architect Simonetta Bastelli"

The Association "Architect Simonetta Bastelli" aims to spread a culture of an high quality landscape, a good landscape in the community, with particular attention to the younger generations and to expand the knowledge of the  landscape culture, in an appropriate relationship between architecture and nature, through contact between people, organizations and associations. The Association organizes many cultural activities including conferences, lectures, debates, workshops, productions, video projections and training sessions as workshops, seminars, lectures, visits, meetings, editorial activities, publications on paper and online.


Invented in 2005 by the architects Massimo Paperini and Paolo Procesi, 1001VELAcup is an annual initiative involving didactic and sporty practice and includes a competition among universities, for the award of a "challenge" trophy , in a regatta, with boats designed, built and sailed by students.
Promoted in collaboration with numerous universityes, with the membership of teachers, student and supporters, 1001VELAcup, during the last 10 years, has organized and promoted innovation, education and research in the field of Nautical design

Timia Edizioni

Founded in May 2015 on experience gained in over forty years,Timia Edizioni is a high-profile cultural divulgation project, with publications of Art, Design, Technology, Economics, Architecture, Photography and Cinema. Feat of strenght is the focus on the fusion of genres and transversal cultural aspects.

Vita Trasporti s.a.s.

Vita Trasporti s.a.s. operates in the transport and ground movement field since 1993. Over the years it has achieved considerable experience and professionalism with the aid of more and more cutting edge means and machinery.

Feedya Art Foundation

Nurture and support Art, and through it nourish the conscience. This is the mission of Feedya Art (Feed Young Art) Foundation, an organization that gave itself the quest to bring art, in its many forms, among people, considering it a way to break down barriers and integrate above all, by creating a 'platform', a new shared sensibility.

IXCO Italian Institute for Cooperation

IXCO is a non governmental no profit organization with headquarters in Rome. It promotes cultural exchange as a tool for sustainable development of economy based on ethical quality of services and value of diversity. IXCO mainly operates between Italy and Latin America.

Il Papiro Art

The Papyrus Art Artistic Laboratory of Lidia Scalzo is a multi disciplinary working environment where art and design are combined in the name of color and resin. Turning walls, furniture, doors, furniture accessories in unique and unrepeatable works is Laboratory's peculiarity.


A 2.0 family business that believes sustainability to be more than just a slogan. B4S develops innovative projects for businesses and tertiary sector, designs corporate funding models for associations and NGOs and aims to create high positive social impact business models.


The constant search for new materials, innovative design and technological solutions is Bortolotto Cicli's Mission. To Promote cycling as a way to satisfy the urge of man to have a direct relationship with nature and thus with himself.